University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Dance Team 2019-2020 Tryouts

McPhee Strength and Performance Center


2019-2020 TRYOUT DATES: APRIL 27TH & 28TH 


General Information

  • Sessions for 2019-2020 tryouts will take place in the McPhee dance studio (located in the lower level) on Saturday and the McPhee upstairs gyms on Sunday. 
  • Please arrive on time, early if possible, and in appropriate dance attire. Hair must be pulled away from face and no large jewelry, please.
  • Team members are required to re-audition every season and there is no pre-determined number of team members to be chosen each year.
  • All dancers are expected to attend all sessions of tryouts and will be required to perform a short jazz routine and a short hip hop routine learned at the sessions. There will also be required technical elements and/or combinations.
  • Dancers will be required to wear a black top and black bottoms for the final audition. Sweat pants and tennis shoes are allowed for hip hop.
  • Incoming students must be accepted as full-time students for the fall semester at UWEC, or have an active application submitted to the admissions department by the first date of auditions. All candidate names are screened through the Admissions Department, so failure to meet this requirement will result in resignation from auditions.
  • Once selected for the 2019-2020 UWEC Dance Team, it is expected that dancers who accept their position on the team are also committing to attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire as a full time student for the Fall 2019 semester.

Although it is not absolutely required to have all the skills mastered, it is important dancers have the knowledge and potential to execute the following:

  • Pirouettes - triple/quad on right side and double/triple on left side
  • A la seconde and fouette turns - at least two counts of eight and changing spots both directions
  • Leaps - grand jete, calypso, second/open, firebird, etc.
  • Hip Hop Tricks - kips, head spring/head kip, front/back walkover, etc.

With all skills, dancers will be evaluated on overall flexibility, extension, physical endurance, control and body awareness. Dancers will be evaluated on conformity to style, attention to detail, ability to learn material quickly, performance, execution and versatility.


At tryouts, two short routines will be taught: a jazz and hip hop along with some across the floor and turning combinations. During the final tryout, dancers will perform both routines, a turning combination and also various other leaps and turns that will be taught during tryout practices. Tryouts will be held in front of a panel of judges and results will be posted shortly after.


All candidates MUST bring the following to the first day of auditions:

  1. Audition fee of $20 (If you attended the College Prep Clinic this fee is waived)
  2. Completed Tryout Application
  3. UWEC Acceptance Letter or Fall 2019 Class Schedule


Summary of Schedule


Saturday, April 27th


Group warm-up and stretch, followed by technique and learning  jazz routine, hip hop routine and fight song. Dancers will become familiar with what is expected for final audition. 9:00 am-5:00 pm; we will take a short lunch break


Sunday, April 28th


Interview: A panel of judges will ask a series of questions about yourself. No need to prepare anything. Business casual dress is expected. Scheduled between 9:00am and 12:00pm


Final audition: Perform short jazz routine and a short hip hop routine learned at the sessions and the required technical elements and/or combinations. Scheduled between 12:00pm and 5:00pm


The 2019-2020 Blugold Dancers will be announced on Sunday, April 28th. Selected team members will be required to attend a new team meeting immediately following this announcement.


If there are any conflicts with attending all required days of tryouts or if you have any questions, please speak to the Coach and/or Captains by emailing We are looking forward to seeing you there!




UWECDT Tryout Application

2019-2020 tryout application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 236.9 KB

If you are unable to attend our auditions, please see UWECDT Video Audition Requirements below.

2019-2020 video tryouts.pdf
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